Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Timequest (2002)

A very interesting movie answering the question many have pondered. What would happen if I went back in time and warned JFK just before he departed for his date with assassination. It would have been a much better movie if the actors portraying Jack and Bobby Kennedy had been as compelling as Caprice Beneditti who did the best Jackie Kennedy ever. Larry Drake as J Edgar Hoover was a perfect, and the smackdown scene with Bobby Kennedy was a highlight. Despite the shortcomings the movie is every conspiracy theorists fantasy. 

You would almost think there was some kind of conspiracy to keep this movie on the fringe. No box office details, no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but curiously a audience rating of 24%. This movie needs a big budget remake. 

Four Stars
The trailer is nothing but a spoiler, do not watch if you intend to watch this movie.


  1. I will not watch the trailer (thx for the warning) and I haven't even read your review past the first line for fear of spoiling anything. Because THANK YOU this is right up my alley will go find it immediately and watch. Will report back after watching

  2. Annnnd... The Pirate Bay is down. Crappy timing!

  3. Looks interesting. I have never heard of it, but I will have to look into it.


  4. (SPOILERS ahoy)

    Well that was really pretty good! I thought maybe there were a few too many time jumps though. It seemed all over the place. I generally have no issue with non-linear storytelling in movies (Pulp Fiction, Memento are favourites) but this one was a bit too much. I am not sure that we needed to see the same scene from different persepctives, which added to the number of jumps. The idea was great, but the execution was a tiny bit off.

    But the little different touches were amazing and really made the thing work. The failed Jack Ruby attempt, the author Bill Clinton, The RFK movie ("Up, and to the right" heh), the lack of a Cold War, etc. All gold Jerry, that's what I like in my alt history sci-fi

    Some good performances. As mentioned Larry Drake as Herbert Hoover was perfect, as was Jackie. Barry Corbin as LBJ was good too. The Kennedys were the weak part, though Robert was better than John